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Property management is a business that is centered on relationships. Relationships are made or broken through communication. Clear communication between investment property owners and their management company is crucial to ensure that the owner’s management expectations are being met, and clear communication with tenants can avoid many issues that later wind up costing everyone. At Abodia, communication and relationships are our bread and butter. Our cutting-edge software allows us to communicate quickly and easily with owners and tenants. Property owners can access information about their portfolio through our site from anywhere, anytime. You can rest easily knowing that your property is in good hands.

Meet the Team

Abodia Property Management was founded out of our owner Christian Hansen’s passion for property management and lifelong commitment to service and results that began with his first property management position in 1985. As a long time real estate investor, after moving to the Triangle with his wife and family and settling into the area, Christian noticed a need for high quality, service oriented property management and Abodia Property Management was founded in 2015. At Abodia, we are committed to being responsive, straightforward, hard working, and professional as we deliver fabulous service and results to our owners and tenants and we have built our team to reflect that.

Christian Hansen » Owner
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I started Abodia Property Management out of personal interest in real estate investing as well as a desire to provide other investors and their tenants with a quality property management service. Having spoken with many owners and tenants about what they wish their property management company would do, I also thought about what was important to me as a property owner. It quickly became clear to me that there was a better way to do this. 

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